How many of our political and social opinions, and how much of our identities, are oriented "against" something?
For the next three months, I'll share some theories about politics, society, and culture that have enriched a lot of my recent reading and thinking. Th…
My new article on junior officers and politics, an update on the SEA STATE newsletter, and more.
Scattered thoughts on Nanjing, Armenia, and the Confederacy — what we choose to remember, and what we would rather forget.
Even though the occasion finds us thousands of miles apart, I'm overjoyed to be celebrating 365 days of marriage to my beautiful wife. Plus, some rando…
Grateful for a time of rest before MW heads to Hawaii and I start prototype.
In 1979, a North Korean war refugee – my grandfather – brought his family to Anchorage, Alaska. Today is the 19th anniversary of his death.
Thanks to the pandemic, nuclear power school, and my book-loving wife, 2020 is the year I re-discovered an enthusiasm for reading (and finishing) books.
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